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Bezzie Technologies offer a wide range of highly integrated hardware and software embedded solutions ranging from – Development Suites, Middle-ware Solutions, In-Circuit Debuggers/Emulators, Connectivity Solutions and Hardware Subsystems.

We holistically support the entire development life-cycle of embedded systems from design, development, debugging to verification and validation. We aspire to support customers with our extensive knowledge and vast experience in embedded systems to help them innovate and deliver superior embedded designs. We enable our customers to concentrate on their core business problems while relying on us to quickly recommend and build tailored solutions for their embedded development. We cater to a broad range of embedded tools and solution requirements across various verticals like automotive, aerospace, defense, education, electronics design/manufacturing, energy, industrial automation, instrumentation, medical devices, military, semiconductor and telecom/Datacom.

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Bezzie Technologies is a customer focused, engineering driven company. We are devoted to finding solutions to the problems of the ever-connected world of people and devices. We do this through our thorough understanding of engineering principles and by paying attention to our customers’ needs. We are able to do it better and our solutions are more elegant due to the fact that we have worked on the entire spectrum from hardware device to consumer data.

We are one of IoT software companies with the right set of skills to provide a full range of Internet of Things services. We work at mobile, web, data and embedded levels to align with all your tech needs. From smart brands to track athletic endeavors, to connected cars, we specialize in technologies including Android & iOS development in IoT. The internet of Things is a phenomenon that is sparking insights, helping us to create new services and business areas.


Our team has hands-on experience in automation development projects. Our IoT developers will build smart applications that will underlie your connected home solutions from smart locks to thermostats, temperature, humidity, air conditioning control devices, as well as smart lighting systems. With our knowledge of face recognition technologies, connectivity protocols, machine learning algorithms, and voice control interfaces, you can entrust your smart home projects to us.

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